5" Wooden Snail


Size (LxWxH):5"x 1.5"x 2" Weight 0.1 lb.

Snails are truly an interesting creature. While they may be super slow, there is something incredibly graceful and beautiful about these crawling creatures. This wooden snail comes to you straight from Thailand. There, it was designed, carefully hand carved, and lightly stained by the country’s creative and skillful craftsmen. Every detail was taken into consideration; from its little beady eyes, slopes and curves, and small rounded ridges on the snail’s shell. Not only does this slithering snail make a great addition to your home décor; it serves as a fun instrument to play! Not your typical drum, this rhythm maker comes complete with a small, wooden mallet; which was also hand carved and fits perfectly in the snail’s shell. Use it to tap out a beat or gently rub it up and down the grooves on the shell to produce an interesting sound. A gift the child in your life will love, encourage them to experiment with music making.