5" Turtle


Size(LxWxH): 5.5"x 3" x2.5" Weight 0.2 lb.

This wooden turtle was made with care and consideration. It is a perfect toy for parents to purchase who are tired of plastic toys cracking or breaking. Sturdy, durable, and made to perfection; the wooden turtle musical toy is made in Thailand, by the hands of skilled crafters. Every detail is taken into consideration and the instrument is solid and smooth, boasting gentle curves, shiny eyes, and even some spiked ridges on its back. To play the wooden turtle, simply remove the wooden mallet from its mouth and slide it up and down its bumpy back, or tap the turtle on its smooth sides. Give it as a birthday gift for a friend or family member who loves turtles, or slip it in the stocking of a child around the holidays. It