4" Wooden Duck


Size (LxWxH):3" x2.5"x 4" Weight 0.19 lb.

Calling all duck lovers-literally! Coming straight from Thailand, this beautiful, small, hand carved duck whistle is ready to fly into your home and get played or displayed by you and yours! An ideal present to pick up for family members who have a love for animals or birds, who collect wooden knick knacks, or simply love all things instrumental, it is a durable and easy to use item. Simply blow into the duck’s beak to hear a loud whistle back. If you are redecorating rooms, consider working this wooden little mallard into your design scheme to serve as a unique and cool decoration. It also fits in wonderfully in a woodsy themed family room or if you have a lot of wooden accents in your home. It is also a great musical toy for parents to purchase if they value classic items that last a lifetime and that don’t easily fall apart, like many plastic toys on the market today!