4" Wooden Cat


Size (LxWxH):3.5"x 2.3"x 4" Weight 0.23 lb.

Meow! This pretty kitty isn’t just a cute decorative wooden knick knack; it is a delightful, playable instrument that is 100% handmade and 100% utterly unique. Made in Thailand, this carved cat is carefully constructed and allows you to stroke its back or tap on its tummy to create original sounds and beats. Use the small, wooden mallet which is kept near its back side for safe keeping; encourage the kiddos to march around the house to the beat of their own liking. The little kitty is fully detailed in each and every way; from its carved legs and whiskers, to its precious small eyes, and even its realistic hunched back. It is a great gift to give the children in your life who love animals and felines, or who simply like to get their hands on musical items and let their creative side show!