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3" Wooden Owl

3" Wooden Owl

Excluding Sales Tax

Size(LxWxH): 2.5"x2.5"x 3" Weight 0.25 lb.

Owls are known for their keen senses, incredible intelligence, and are fierce predators. They have a distinct hoot that is not only interesting but completely intriguing. You can recreate this wise bird’s superior sound anytime and anywhere! This small, lightly stained wooden owl was made completely by hand by skilled craftsmen in Thailand; and not only serves as an adorable decorative item for your shelves and tables; but is a functional and fun whistle! Blow lightly into the owl to hear an authentic owl hoot! Fun for family members of all ages, the wooden owl whistle is a unique piece to have in your home, and makes a one of a kind gift for owl lovers or music enthusiasts who pride themselves on collecting different and high quality pieces. The owl is incredible detailed and is able to “perch” itself until its ready to be played!

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