3" Painted Cricket


Size (LxWxH):3.5"x 1"x 1.5" Weight 0.06 lb.

There is something truly magical, calming, and mysterious about a cricket’s chirp. When you play this wooden cricket, you will be instantly transformed to an enchanted summer evening or crisp, early fall morning when crickets are out in full force! This wooden cricket is 100% handmade by skilled crafters in Thailand. It comes complete with a small, wooden mallet; which allows you to gently stroke the cricket’s ridges on its back or legs, to replicate the soothing summertime sound it makes. You can also tap away on its head or side to create and keep a playful beat that is sure to bring a smile to a music lover’s face. It is an ideal gift to give children who love to make music and who are in need of cool and creative toys that are long lasting and fun to manipulate, since children are all about tangible objects.