3" Cicada


Size (LxWxH):4.5"x 2" x1.5" Weight 0.14lb.

Cicadas are one of the most unique, interesting, yet mysterious creatures on Earth! However, you don’t have to wait another 17 years to see them! You can purchase this wooden cicada maraca and get a glimpse of one every day! This wooden maraca was designed in Thailand and carved and stained by hand. Perfect for the collector who loves to get their hands on something totally original that you just don’t see every day, the wood cicada maraca is for you! Give it a shake to start a festive beat! Perfect to break out at parties or to give to the children when they need to keep their little hands busy! It’s also a great gift to give the insect fanatic in your life and is a fun prop for teachers to purchase if they are introducing their students to the odd but intriguing creatures! Music teachers will also love this shake and smile instrument to get their students’ attention and encourage them to dance to various beats.