Mushroom Decor Vase (Medium)

Mushroom Decor Vase (Medium)

SKU: 152

S size (LxWxH):3"x3"x 5" Weight 0.31

M Size (LxWxH):4"x4"x7" Weight 0.72

L Size (LxWxH):4.5"x4.5"x8" Weight 0.99

Bring the natural elements of the great outdoors into your home with class. This mushroom decor vase is an interesting and unique piece of decor that is unlike any other. You can display flowers in it or use it as a stunning piece of decor. Made from quality material and hand painted, this piece is definitely unique. The natural wood material will last a lifetime, so you can enjoy its beauty for years to come. Add this piece to your home today to transform your space. Or, you can purchase this piece as a gift to surprise a loved one. Don’t wait any longer to purchase this piece.