4" Painted Dolphin


Size (LxWxH):4.5"x 1.6" x 2.5" Weight 0.08 lb.

Showcase your love for the sea and its peaceful and graceful inhabitants! You’re sure to make a splash with your family and friends when you get or give this cute wooden dolphin instrument! Designed and hand crafted in Thailand, this hard and smooth, lightly stained instrument is completely creative and unique. Make some music by removing the small wooden mallet from the dolphin’s smiling mouth and tap away on its head, fin, or tail. Or, to create a different sound, gently rub the mallet on the smooth part of its back in a circular or back and forth motion. It makes a perfect summer addition to your home if you decorate seasonally, or have a beach themed room. Whether you choose to display it with pride or use it to create a fun, rhythmic beat; it is a treat for the eyes and the ears!